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School Project Coming Along Quickly

Thanks to the outpouring of support at the end of last year, the construction of the new school building at Bal Academy has continued, and a new school bus has been purchased to transport students to and from school.

Ground was broken on the new building in 2016, and the building structure is now complete, and plastering has begun on the ground floor already.

The building will be used for the senior secondary school, which will prepare students for college or vocational careers.

The curriculum will expose them to academics as well as a variety of vocational skills, allowing them to learn what options are available to them for careers. The building will include smart classrooms and labs to help prepare students for the competitive college and workforce environments that now demand strong technology skills.

The school bus will help to transport students who come from over 20 kilometers away to attend Bal Academy.

Human Benefit Services Trust built Bal Academy in 1987 to provide the surrounding villages with access to quality education. Bal Academy is now known throughout the region for its excellent bilingual instruction. Over 100 students attend Bal Academy for free, 1/5 receive reduced tuition, and 30 students attend on merit based scholarships. IHBS has plans to continue to expand the school to better serve the needs of the children.

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